Our goal is to be a full service company.

Whatever your needs are, we will find a solution for you

For merchants, online shops, consulting companies, users, investors, new technology nerds, decision makers, CXOs, expatriates, worldwide companies, import/export companies, ...

We can introduce you to what cryptocurrencies and blockchains can give you, how to use them wisely still taking into account their limitations and risks.


Hardware design

We design bitcoin related hardward, such as hardware wallets, smartcard based applications, POS terminals, ...

Because we believe in decentralization, we will release some of our designs as DIY instructions so anyone can build a hardware wallet for a small amount of money and easy to find hardware (or buy it ready to use from us). We are also building ATMs and POS solutions for merchants to accept bitcoin to bitcoin payments.


Extract from our catalog

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us!


Setup of the necessary tools and coaching


Bootstrapping and guidance into a Bitcoin and/or Blockchain strategy

Research and development

Designing hardware and software solutions around Bitcoin, Blockchains and payment systems

Online payments

Implementing cryptocurrency online payment gateways


Implementing cryptocurrency POS systems for retail locations


Setup and maintenance of mining farms and pools

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Our R&D efforts are self-financed (for now). If you like what we are going or if you believe there should be more competition in the cryptocurrencies hardware market, feel free to help us:
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